This resource list will be forever changing. It is certainly not inclusive of all the great documentation that has been done around this topic. Feel free to make recommendations for additions to this list although I do not guarantee all recommendations will be accepted.

Some of the best resources I’ve found for families with kids who stutter are not about stuttering at all!  (available on Amazon).  Books on raising the sensitive child, on general parenting, on mindfulness with children, the importance of play, etc. are all valuable to this challenge.

Aron, Elaine N.:  The Highly Sensitive Child

Brown, Brene: The Gift of Imperfect Parenting

Brown, Stuart: Play, How it Shapes the Brain

Faber, Adele and Mazlish, Elaine: How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and to Listen so Kids Will Talk (and all of the How to Talk books for all ages)

Hallowell, Edward M. M.D.:   The Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness

Hawn, Goldie: Ten Mindful Minutes

Zeff, Ted: The Strong Sensitive Boy

Authors on the topic of stuttering/stammering. 


This list of resources does not include authors from the academic field of communication disorders – as even though I have found some of those to be useful, it would be overwhelming for this venue.

Free Books about Stuttering website:

Harrison, John: Redefining Stuttering

Irwin, Ann: Stammering in Young Children

Jeezer, Marty: Stuttering: A Life Bound Up in Words

Margolina, Anna A., Ph.D.: Letting Go of the Dragon

Mead, Ruth: Speech is a River

Mernick, Moe:  The Gift of Stuttering

Neiders, Gunars K., Psy.D., Ph.D.: From Stuttering to Fluency

Raynes, Cameron (fiction): First Person Shooter

Silverman, Ellen-Marie: Mindfulness and Stuttering & Relief From Stuttering

YouTube Videos/Vlogs/Podcasts/Websites:


Mertz, Pam: Make Room for Stuttering – a podcast interviewing women who stutter. (I am featured in episode 136)

Reitzes, Peter: StutterTalk – a series of approximately 500 podcasts interviewing an array of individuals connected with stuttering.  (Voice Unearthed is featured in episode 601 and my “lively rebuttal” is episode 602.)

Schneider, Phil and Uri: Going With the Flow: A Guide to Transcending Stuttering

The Stuttering Home Page: Mankato State University –