Ward Jarvis


Paducah, KY

My Message to Kids who Stutter

It’s been a long road to manage the fear that goes along with stuttering and even though I still get overwhelmed at times, I try to remember a few things that have been helpful:

1) Don’t be obsessed with stuttering. Find your talents and care about other things. Realize that more people than not will accept and respect your stuttering.

2) Being open with others about my stuttering helps them be more at ease which in turn helps me.

3) Find your comfort zone and push yourself to expand it just a little every day.

4) Realize that stuttering is a journey and there will be “good“ and “bad“ days.

5) Embrace how your life is different because you stutter. Because you stutter, you will experience things others won’t. Many of these things will contribute to your future successes and happiness.

Everyone’s stuttering experience is different. You must find what works for you and keeps you healthy. And never forget, there is a worldwide community of support here for you! 

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