Anita Blom

Public Speaker & Educator

Gotene, Sweden

 Life has given me a tough start, but that has given me the spirit to make a difference. From being bullied by students, from being told by teachers I wouldn’t be able to manage life, from being misunderstood by society, my life changed when I found my “stamily” at the age of 27. I became a teacher to all from children to the elderly and even to teachers! I also decided to give stuttering a voice and became engaged locally, nationally and internationally in the stuttering community. I’ve been honoured to be a speaker at international congresses all over the world THANKS TO my stutter! Through talking to kids, teachers, national and international politicians, incl the EP, I hope to spread the word that we need help, but no pity, as we’re Superheroes, meeting hurdles, but still keep on doing what we love: talk! Through the European League of Stuttering Association (ELSA), the International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD) is now officially recognized by the European Parliament (EP). Beside teaching, and being an education coordinator, I also had my own company as a motivational speaker on stuttering, and have been, and still keep on trying to be, in every local and national tv, radio and weekly magazine, advertising about stuttering, trying to get people who stutter out of the “shame-corner” and feel pride. I loved doing children and European youth camps for over 20 years, and to try to give them the tools to make a difference in their own, and other’s lives, is what keeps my heart beating with pride.
Now I have ME/cfs and meet many similar hurdles, and I have to cut down on many things, but thanks to my stuttering journey, I can deal with this as well. All because of our Stuttering Superhero power. 😉