Do you have a child whose speech tension persisted into their teen and adult years, even after formal early intervention with speech professionals? Are you an adult who had early intervention with speech professionals but continues to struggle with speech tension? If so, I need to hear from you! Parents deserve to understand the outcomes of early intervention for those kids who persist because, well, who else really matters? My goal is to identify aspects of early childhood therapy that were helpful and aspects that may have created an even greater challenge to long-term well-being and quality of life (increased shame, silence, disconnection, disengagement, etc.)

Starting next week, I will begin to gather these stories from parents and adults who stutter to be included in my next book (working title: Voice Unearthed 2).

Around 80% of children under the age of seven will recover – with or without therapy. Therapy may contribute to a quicker recovery, but overall, the recovery rate has remained the same for decades. The 20% who do not recover are the population with whom we should be most concerned. Yet there has been no research done to explore the impact of early intervention on this population. In my opinion, this is a gap as wide as the Grand Canyon. These kids and families deserve better.

My gathering of anecdotal information around the impact of early childhood therapy on those who do not recover is not scientific and is not part of a formal research study. It is part of my ongoing mission to contribute to the evolution of safer and more effective options for kids who stutter and their families.  I hope you will join me next week when my search for story tellers starts.

Keep them talking and keep talking fun!