It’s been a whirlwind summer for the Holte family — started off with Eli’s 18th birthday followed two days later by his grad party (120+ friends and family — good times!!).  See below — note the gecko coming out of the eyeball…

These events were followed up by our son, Abe’s wedding.  I now have a beautiful daughter, Esther, and I’m thrilled!  This is my favorite picture from the wedding – yes, it was a really really fun event!  Eli is lurking in the back — a little creepy… 🙂

And now we prepared to see our last child leave the nest.  Eli heads off to Moorhead State mid-August.  Man, I’m going to miss him.  I’ll miss his big brother, Adam, too — heading back to St. Cloud State. The newlywed, Abe, just got his first professional (i.e. paid) commercial photography gig this week.  And I get to focus on buying quality, not quantity at the grocery store.  Organic section — here I come!  I’ll probably be sobbing in the aisles.  Exciting times for everyone! 

So that’s an update from the Holte family — hope you and yours are all having a wonderful summer!  Thank you again for your interest in Voice Unearthed — and keep them talking!!

Doreen (Dori) Lenz Holte