Came across a lovely article written by Matt Day, appearing in The Chronicle (Dunsville, Ontario, Canada) today about a magician named Claude Haggerty. Here’s an excerpt:

Growing up in Dunnville, Haggerty remembers having self-confidence issues, specifically a speech impediment which saw him stutter through his words.He taught himself to overcome that obstacle after being encouraged by his high school principal to pursue his dream of performing magic tricks.”Without learning the illusions, I probably still would be stuttering today. A lot of children just need that confidence boost to get going, especially in today’s times where it’s tough for many families.”I hear this type of story over and over again – how focusing on a passion and/or interest was attributed directly to overcoming the stuttering challenge. It’s like one mom told me recently, “The thought of focusing on the strength of the soul while still talking has given us a new sense of optimism.” Follow this link for the full article.

Keep them talking! Keep them engaged!

Doreen Lenz Holte